Rejserin, defined

Rye-ser-rin — She who travels.

Rejserin is a place to explore ideas, culture, and identity. The primary focus of this Medium is tackling issues relating to what makes us who we are, especially the constructs we erect around gender, sexuality, and our cultures.

The articles flow from the author’s lived experiences, engagiing in an ongoing conversation that threads from the beginning of the Medium to the present day. While each article is in the present moment, there are themes that are interlinked, such as gender identity and sexuality, that build and connect, link interlinked. There is a beginning, and a rhizomatic network that flows in and around each idea.

This medium exists in the moment with you are you through each article, and as new articles are added daily this tapestry grows and develops. If you enjoy the writing please sign-up and you will receive articles to your inbox on the daily.



Writer, researcher, and generally curious

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